New Play Mentoring Project

The Region IV New Play Mentoring Project partners budding student playwrights from our New Play Program with professional playwriting mentors for discussion and review of their ten-minute play submissions.

Participants will meet in a small group with other participants and a professional mentor to review each other’s work, discuss challenges, share ideas, and grow collaboratively as playwrights.

Participants will meet with their mentor at 9:00am on Wednesday, Feb 4, in a room that is yet to be determined.  We encourage all participants to read their fellow group members’ plays before meeting with their mentor group.

Mentor Group One

Name: Play Title: School:
Kiri Nwachuku Oh The Irony Jackson State University
Devon Morris Being Small College of Charleston
Connor Tolbert The Deal Georgia College and State University
Desmond Strickland The Fall From the Big Top Jackson State University
Mentor: Richard Herman

Mentor Group Two

Name: Play Title: School:
Iona Holder Perspective Georgia College and State University
Michelle Benson Grape Juice Middle Tennessee State University
Dani McGee Hand Me Downs Georgia Southern University
Guy-Lee King Bloody Berry Jackson State University
Mentor: Gary Garrison

Mentor Group Three:

Name: Play Title: School:
Brittany Fisher Red James Madison University
Laura King The Morgan Show Hollins University
Johnathan Bottisti Reset Button Florida State University
Franie Nejako Multiple Choice James Madison University
Mentor: Nancy Lee-Painter
Mentor Group Four:

Name: Play Title: School:
Corey Jones Destination Nowhere Anderson University
Evan Duffy-Ledbetter Visions From A Utopia James Madison University
Angela Yang A Relationship Wesleyan College
Jessica Gregory A Lost Cause Middle Tennessee State University
Mentor: Becky Becker

Name: Play Title: School:
Amanda Egan Bloody Mocha Bellarmine University
Nathan Maxwell Armagreggon Troy University
Emily Sargent International Waters Georgia College and State University
Rebecca Kane The Horowitz Women Sit Down For Tea University of Central Florida