David L. Shelton Student Playwriting Project (Full Length Play Competition)

The David L. Shelton Playwriting Project is a full length play competition unique to Region IV. The full-length play that is selected for this award will be given a staged reading at the 2016 Region IV KCACTF festival AND, pending rewrites and mentoring, be presented as a participating production for the 2017 Region IV KCACTF festival. Only current students or students who have graduated within the last year are eligible to participate in this competition. This award does NOT require that the script has had any kind of production.

Submission Guidelines (for students in KCACTF Region IV only)

  • Complete and submit Full-Length Play Cover Sheet (Submissions are currently closed)
  • After submitting the cover sheet, you will be asked to upload a copy of your script in PDF format with TITLE PAGE ONLY. NO AUTHOR OR SCHOOL NAME
  • Deadline: November 1st
  • Notification of Shelton Award Winner is December 15th.
  • Each playwright may submit up to two (2) full-length plays
  • There is no submission fee for the David L. Shelton Student Playwriting Project

Is the David L. Shelton Playwriting Project the only chance for new full-length plays to compete in the KCACTF?

Of course not! Colleges and universities in Region IV may enter staged readings of new full-length works as associate productions or full productions of new full-length works may be entered as participating productions. Playwrights for these new works can be students, faculty, or professionals. All productions, either associate or participating, are responded to by Region IV NPP representatives and are eligible for national full length play awards (See the national award chooser — many of the national award categories recognize full-length plays.