Welcome Playwrights and Playwriting Teachers!

The KCACTF Region IV National Playwriting Program (NPP) offers many meaningful and significant playwriting opportunities for college/university students and teachers.

These category links provide criteria for each of the Regional programs.

Individual students are permitted to submit a total of 6 scripts: 2 ten-minute plays, 2 one-act plays, and 2 full-length plays. (See “Eligibility Requirements” below.)
An unlimited number of qualified students from each school entering a participating or associate production may submit scripts.

There is NO submission fee required for any scripts.


Eligibility Requirements : Any student carrying at least 6 semester credit hours at a Region IV school may submit to the various KCATF Region IV NPP opportunities
providing that school has entered at least one production as either an associate or participating entry.  If you are uncertain if your school has one or more qualifying productions, please contact your theatre department to inquire.  

Submission Protocols:  Only electronic, PDF-formatted submissions are accepted.

Because we use a blind submission process
all plays must be submitted WITH TITLE PAGE ONLY.

  • Blind submission means that the title of the play is the only identifying information, the author’s name does not appear anywhere in the script, including the file name. Script file names must use this naming formatTitleOfPlay.pdf.
    DO NOT include contest, draft number, or date.
  • Submissions MUST include a completed category submission form for each play submitted because it is this form that connects the script to the correct author. Visit the category links at the top of this page for the correct submission form.

Screening and Selection Procedures: To avoid conflict of interest in the play selection process, all new play submissions (Ten-Minute, One-Act Plays, or Full-length plays) are screened and ranked by KCACTF members and/or theatre professionals from a different KCACTF region.

For example, plays from Region IV are sent in November – still as blind copies – to a screening group somewhere else in the U.S.  These outside screeners then returned their rankings to the Regional IV NPP Chair by December 1.  After the plays chosen as finalists in Region IV competitions are identified, the names of the playwrights and affiliated schools are then matched with the titles of the plays using the corresponding cover sheets. The selected playwrights are then notified by the Region IV NPP Chair.

DEADLINES: Submissions are accepted beginning September 1st, so that submitting playwrights have an opportunity to confirm that their schools are have qualifying productions for eligibility purposes.

The deadline for the electronic submission of all plays is NOVEMBER 1.

No submissions will be accepted after the deadline.

A NOTE ABOUT DEVISED WORK: While devised work is a new play, the nature of devised work make it ineligible for NPP awards. If you have specific questions regarding eligibility, contact Todd Ristau, Region IV NPP Chair.


An individual student playwright whose play has received a full production or staged reading as either an associate or participating KCACTF entry, may ALSO submit to the David Mark Cohen Award and The National Student Playwriting Award. Submission to these two awards is strictly limited to plays that have met this qualifying criteria.

Helpful Overview of National Awards: We have created a menu of the individual student playwriting awards with a brief overview of each category and corresponding criteria which can be found at this link: Award Overview (pdf). 

Playwrights who intent to register for both the regional and national level awards may do so here.  However, if a playwright wishes to submit their work to a qualifying national award without participating at the regional level, you may find the required cover sheet here: [Word Doc] [PDF]

Contact Us: For additional information concerning the KCACTF Region IV play submission process please contact: Region IV NPP Chair, Todd Ristau, or NPP Vice-Chair, Dr. Becky Becker.