Directing – SDC Fellowship Program

Region IV SDC Program Guidelines adhere to KCACTF National SDC Fellowship Procedures.

Eligibility: To be eligible for the SDC fellowship program, students must be nominated by a faculty member from the student’s institution. Nominated students must have demonstrated success in direction. The institution must have entered either an associate or participating production for the regional festival during the year in which the nomination occurs. The participant must be a bona fide student at the time of the regional festival.

Application: The following materials must be provided for consideration as a participant in the SDC Fellowship program:

  1. A LETTER OF NOMINATION provided by a faculty member from the student’s institution. The letter should provide information about the student’s record as a student of directing, including coursework, practical directing experience, etc. In addition, the letter should provide the faculty member’s assessment of the nominee as a director and how participation in this program may benefit the student.
  2. A CURRENT RESUME for the nominee.
  3. A LETTER OF APPLICATION from the student, which includes why the student is interested in participating in this program and the ways in which they believe it may contribute to their growth as a director.
  4. A SDC CONTACT INFORMATION COVER PAGE, to include the following information:
    • SDC Fellowship Program
    • Name of Directing Nominee
    • Institution Name
    • Phone Contact for Nominee
    • Current Email Contact for Nominee
    • Name of Faculty Mentor
    • Phone Contact for Mentor
    • Current Email Contact for Mentor

DEADLINE: All materials must be emailed or postmarked no later than December 1.

Send materials to the SDC Region IV Coordinator, Dewey Scott-Wiley, at:
Dewey Scott-Wiley
University of South Carolina – Aiken
471 University Parkway
Aiken, SC 29801

Acceptance: Applicants will be notified by email about their acceptance status on December 12.

Selection: All directing students are eligible. All packets must include a signed letter of support from a theatre faculty member. Without this letter, students will not be selected for SDC. In their cover letter, students must indicate that they are applying for the SDC Fellowship.

Event: Presentation of a five minute scene. Before the presentation the candidate will provide the respondents with a prepared written statement that reflects their analysis of the scene. The scene will include bona fide student actors, and will be rehearsed at the institution for presentation in a preliminary round at the regional festival. If more than one director participates from the same institution, the directors are discouraged from sharing actors for their projects and the directors are prohibited from acting in each others’ scenes.

Scene: All entrants will prepare one from a list of scenes chosen for this national fellowship program. Scenes are chosen at the national KCACTF meetings in August under the guidance of the national member at large who oversees direction.

Note: Student directors or their school are responsible for purchasing and/or providing their own script copies for the above listed scenes.

Rounds: Preliminary Round: Presentation of scene in a closed round. All of the candidates (directors only) are required to attend all of the first round presentations. Teachers/mentors who are the nominators-of-record for the student director are encouraged but not required to attend. Other than for the scene in which they are performing, actors are not allowed in the room. After the presentation the respondent(s) will react to the work in front of the closed gathering of directors and teachers/mentors. Following the response session, the respondent(s) will select up to six (6) directors to continue to the final round.

Interview Round: Directors who are chosen for the final round will attend closed individual interviews with the respondent(s). At this time, the director’s statement and approach will be discussed. No teachers/mentors or actors are allowed to participate in this phase of the event.

Final Round: Presentation of scene in a round open to the public. A final round of presentations will consist of six (6) selected scenes. The final round occurs two days following the preliminary round to allow the director and actors to work on the scene based on feedback from the preliminary round. Limited rehearsal space will be provided. Teachers/mentors may advise the student directors during these rehearsals. A response session will follow the final round, and will include the scene directors, and may include teacher/mentors, actors and audience.

Production: The only furniture items permitted and provided will be two chairs, one table, and two acting cubes (approx. 24″ X 24″ X 24″). You may not have other furniture or set items. Any hand props or costumes required for the scene must be provided by the director. The regional host and coordinators will not be able to provide props or costumes for the scenes. Costumes may be used (but are not required). Please note that there is no technical support in the way of lighting and sound. You may provide your own sound with your own equipment – no speakers or amps are provided. Each scene will have an initial general light cue up at the top of the scene and down at the end. The festival will provide a stage manager from the regional competition to call these two cues. This stage management student will call all shows. Directors should come prepared with a script for the regional stage manager. There will be a five minute break between scenes for set-up, with a ten minute break after every fourth scene.

Respondents: The respondents are skilled directors who have a strong track record of responding to directing and are out-of-region colleagues or local professionals who are not affiliated with regional institutions. They will respond to the rounds of presentations, will participate in the “interview round,” and will decide which student director will attend the events in Washington DC. At least one member of the respondent team will be an SDC member.

Note: Students chosen to attend events at the national festival in Washington DC are not chosen to work on original scripts.