Directing – Ten Minute Play Festival

This Region IV- Ten Minute Play Festival is designed to support the work of student playwrights who are participating in the The Gary Garrison National Ten-Minute Play Award, administered by the National Playwriting Program (NPP) of KCACTF. The event is to be considered an educational experience so directors and playwrights have an opportunity to learn how a reading works.

Goal of the Ten Minute Play Festival

The primary goal of the Ten Minute Play Festival is to provide the playwright with an opportunity to make discoveries about their new work. This is accomplished by having their work read by student actors under the guidance of skilled student directors, who have demonstrated success and interest in working with new plays. While directors are an important part of this process. The Ten Minute Play Festival is not designed as a competition for directing. Successful directors of these readings will focus on bringing to life the new work of student playwrights rather than showcasing their directing prowess.

Details of the Region IV -Ten Minute Play Festival – Directing Award

Brief Overview: Up to six student directors will be selected from Region IV schools that have registered at least one Participating or Associate entry in KCACTF. These student directors will hold auditions at the festival and work with the playwright and actors to produce a staged reading of the new script.  Following performance of the readings a cash award will be given to one student director.


  • Nominees may be from two-year schools, four-year schools, or graduate programs. The institution must have entered either an associate or participating production for the regional festival during the year in which the nomination occurs. The participant must be a bona fide student at the time of the regional festival.
  • Students must have completed at least one college-level course in directing.
  • It will be considered an advantage if a nominated student director has any experience working with new scripts, and/or if they have directed a KCACTF associate or participating entry which has received positive recognition.

Application: Faculty nomination of students is strongly encouraged. If you are nominating a student director to participate and to be considered for the Region IV Ten Minute Play Festival – Directing program, please send the following materials:

  • FACULTY LETTER OF NOMINATION clearly detailing the directing accomplishments and potential of the student. Be sure to detail your participation, the student nominee’s participation, and your institution’s participation, in KCACTF activities. Also note the student’s experience in working with new plays, especially that as director.
  • STUDENT LETTER OF APPLICATION which includes why the student is interested in participating in this program and the ways in which they believe it may contribute to their growth as a director.
  • A COMPLETE RESUME for the student nominee, including contact information (phone and email).

Application Deadline:
All materials must be sent to Dewey Scott-Wiley by December 20.

Timeline Details for the Festival:

  • Prior to the Region IV Festival, the selected directors will be emailed the names and contact information for the selected playwrights. Directors and playwrights are encouraged to discuss the script and related ideas in advance of the Festival.
  • Orientation will be Tuesday evening of the Regional Festival. Directors will be assigned a stage manager from the KCACTF Stage Management Fellowship Program to assist with coordination of the rehearsal process.
  • Wednesday morning, all directors must participate in an open audition session and they must cast the readings from these auditions. Directors may not use actors from their own school.
  • Wednesday – Friday  In general, each play will be assigned one or two rehearsal periods per day. The focus of rehearsal should be on the development of the new work rather than on technical elements and staging. In general, readers must use music stands, must follow written scripts, and only minimal staging is allowed. No sound or light cues and no props or costumes are allowed.
  • Saturday – Reading Performances

Required Workshop & Mentorship:
An outside director who has demonstrated success in directing readings will workshop ALL OF THE DIRECTORS in the process of preparing a scene for a reading presentation. In addition, directors will be assigned a directing mentor who will observe their process and provide feedback throughout the week.