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Surf’s up stage managers!

The following students have been selected for participation in the National Stage Management Fellowship program at this year’s Region IV Festival in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Lindsey Akins, Daytona State College
Elena Anderson, Southeastern University
Hannah Brown, Shorter University
Kelly Callow, Georgia Southern University
Marina Catalan, Florida International University
Gabby D’Arcangelo, Northeast Mississippi Community College
Erika Foley, Palm Beach State College
Antoinette Gage, Fayetteville State University
Shelby Glasgow, University of Central Florida
Kristen Hennessey, Berry College
Whitney Johnson, Fayetteville State University
Jenni Karabensh, Southeastern University
Caroline Lea, Georgia Southern University
Allyson N. Lee, Auburn University – Montgomery
Jana McDaris, Shorter University
Brandon McGrue, University of West Georgia
Heather McTague, Sweet Briar College
Cordie Nelson, University of Southern Mississippi
Katherine Paez, Florida International University
Lilly Paez, Florida International University
Will Richardson, University of West Georgia
Carl Roell, University of Florida
Nicole Smith, Daytona State College
Michael Sperber, University of Florida
Olivia Standridge, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Michelle Taylor, University of Southern Mississippi
Anthony Vega, Bellarmine University

Congratulations to each of the record number of participants who were selected for Festival 43!

Requirements and procedures for participation at the Regional Festival
(Excerpts edited from KCACTF National Web Site)

The Stage Management Respondent
The Stage Management Respondent is an invited guest from outside the region. During the regional festival, the “Festival Stage Managers” must meet with the Respondent for:

  • Individual Interviews
  • Workshops
  • A walk-through response to the stage manager’s prompt script as part of the “Design/Expo” response process
  • The Stage Management Simulator

Prompt Script and Display
Each student is required to bring his or her prompt script from the entered production . The prompt script should be the genuine book(s) the student used during the actual production. It should not be beautified or improved after closing night. The prompt script is not required to include ALL of the production’s paperwork; these should include, but are not limited to: • The “Blocking Script” and the “Calling Script,” as one or more books, with blocking and cue-calling notation.

  • Rehearsal and performance notes, as presented to the production/design team.
  • Schedules, including rehearsals, tech rehearsals, etc.
  • Pre-show/post-show checklists, shift schedules, French scenes, etc.
  • Forms, emails, communications, schedules, lists and plots.

All of the above materials should be the bona fide working versions, created during the actual production process. Prompt scripts will be on display as part of the regional “Design Expo.” Stage managers are welcome, but not required, to include a simple display along with their prompt script(s), which may present examples of paperwork, unique stage management techniques, production photos (in order to convey the production values and scope of the production), examples of personalized notations, etc. The stage management prompt script display is intended to provide less experienced stage managers and others the opportunity to examine and learn from the prompt scripts. The display itself is not part of the criteria the stage management respondent considers in selecting a Fellowship candidate. Eligible albeit inexperienced stage managers are encouraged to participate! Materials should NOT include personal cast/crew contact information. Such information may be expunged.

The Stage Management Simulator
New to the Region IV Festival this year is the Stage Management Simulator (no this is not a theme park ride, though it does have potential!). The Stage Management Respondent will observe you calling cues for a short three-minute video recording of a scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. PDF copies of the selected scene and cue plot can be downloaded from the links below. Please print them, mark your cues in your script just as you would if you were the stage manager for a full-length production, and bring both to the Festival. Participants will have the opportunity to preview the video recording at the Stage Manager’s Orientation on Tuesday.

The Festival Stage Management Team
Each invited “Festival Stage Manager” will be assigned a festival event to manage (10-minute plays, Irene Ryan Scholarship Auditions, Summer Stock Auditions, Faculty Acting Showcase, etc.). The student stage manager’s performance on this project will be considered for Fellowship selection. Assignments will be distributed prior to the Festival. If a Festival Stage Manager is stage-managing an invited Festival production, he/she is exempted from stage-managing an additional Festival event.

If you have any questions related to stage management at Festival 43 that aren’t answered by the information above, PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO CALL OR E-MAIL! I’m happy to field any and all questions you might have regarding this year’s Festival.

I look forward to meeting you in Daytona Beach!

Kelly Allison, KCACTF Region IV Stage Management Coordinator
Interim Department Chair
UAB Department of Theatre
1200 10th Ave. So., ASC 255
Birmingham, AL 35294-1263

Region IV Festival 4: National Stage Management Fellowship Program Participants

The following students were selected for participation in the National Stage Management Fellowship Program at last year’s Region IV Festival in Murfreesboro, TN.

  • Lindsey Akins, Daytona State College
  • Christine Babashanian, Old Dominion University
  • Rebecca Beasley, Austin Peay State University
  • Adrienne Forsythe, University of Central Florida
  • Shane Harrison, Columbus State University
  • Andrew Jones, Georgia Southwestern State University
  • Caroline Lea, Georgia Southern University
  • Jereme Lewis, University of Alabama, Birmingham
  • Hope Mullinax, University of West Georgia
  • Joette Orndorff, Liberty University
  • Jessica Owen, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Kelsey Owens, East Tennessee State University
  • Kathryn Newquist, Berea College
  • Adina Ramsey, Berea College
  • Casey Rowe, William Carey University
  • Haylee Scott, Kennesaw State University
  • Caitlin Suggs, University of Alabama, Birmingham
  • Ashley Weldon, University of South Carolina, Aiken

Congratulations to all who applied!