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Click here to view the National Festival 2010: Design, Technologies and Management Fellowships and Awards (presented April 16, 2010)

NOTE: 2012 online submission will be available soon.  The deadline for submission will be January 21, 2012.

The festival at Daytona Beach is only a few weeks away now and we are very excited to share news on all that has been going on behind the scenes. Registrations are rolling in and we can’t wait to see you in person. Several of you have asked about replies to your registration- we do not automatically send them out but if you have any questions or need to correct information don’t hesitate to contact Ron. He will also be able to confirm that we have your information. Please note that the exhibition set up is beginning earlier this year at 2PM. There will be more for you at festival 43 that you can possibly get in. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Ron Keller and Paul Favini,
Design, Technology and Management Chair and Vice Chair

Latest News
The design exposition (formerly competition) respondents include:

  • KAREN ANSELM- Costume Designer and National Design Chair for KCACTF
  • DICK BLOCK- Scenic Designer, Carnegie Mellon
  • MITCH DANA, Lighting designer, Rutgers
  • TOM WOLDT- Director and Past Chair of Region V
  • MICHAEL ALLEN- Equity Stage Manager and Chair of DTM for Region II will respond to Stage Management

The Sound respondent will be announced soon as will exciting news about touring the state of the art sound studios at Daytona State.

We have lots of great workshops planned for you including:

  • Puppetry
  • Brass soldering
  • Character Makeup
  • URTA and graduate schools
  • USA 829- our professional design union
  • Effective design presentation
  • Writing those design statements
  • Preparing a Professional Portfolio
  • Creating a Design Approach
  • Visualizing Lighting Design
  • Resumes

New this year:

OUR NAME! We are now Design, Technologies and Management celebrating and acknowledging the contributions of and our dependence upon our stage managers.

COSTUME PARADE: We will begin the design awards ceremony with a live parade of your costume designs for your show or class construction project. Please bring your actor friends to model your creations on our stage/runway. Designers will take a bow with their designs. KCACTF National Design Chair Karen Anselm will be our host

STAGEMANAGEMENT SIMULATOR: Kelly Alison brings this experience to our festival. More detailed information is available about this on our website.

TAN HUAIXIANG BOOK SIGNING: TAN will be signing copies of her much praised books: CHARACTER

COSTUME FIGURE DRAWING: Step by Step methods for the theatre Costume Designer and COSTUME

CRAFTWORK ON A BUDGET: Clothing, 3- D Makeup, Wigs, Millinery & Accessories. Bring your copies for her to sign. Limited quantities of each will also be available for purchase. Email Ron Keller ahead of time if you want us to reserve copies of each for you.

FOR FACULTY ONLY: John Wolf will lead a roundtable discussion on how we can more effectively train our design students and another discussion on working with and getting the most from your administration. John is widely regarded and respected for his success at UNCG in each of these areas. We are pleased to announce that John has agreed to become a year-long mentor to design faculty in our region.

BARBIZON LIGHTING will be display some of the latest LED equipment to amaze and dazzle.
Past Favorites are back: DESIGN MEET & GREET DESSERT RECEPTION: A chance for you to meet and mingle with your fellow designers. You will also note that this year there are TWO ALL- FESTIVAL STUDENT PARTIES.

DESIGN STORM: we are very excited about this year’s project. Teams will create their perfect facility for a three play summer Shakespeare festival. Teams will define the performance space and all of the support facilities to stage a repertory season of Macbeth, The Comedy of Errors and Henry V. Participants should one of the texts and come to festival with a preliminary analysis of the needs of the play for their area- ie: how many locations, costumes, scenes, time of day and of course dramatic action. This is your chance to solve the problems of not enough work space.

SCENE DESIGN MODELS WITH JESSE DREIKOSEN: Jesse will once again lead a three session intensive on making models. No experience is necessary- join the fun.

COSTUME RUNWAY: Jamie Bullins will again lead the fun and drama as we create our very own version of Project Runway.

PORTFOLIO REVIEW: Our design professionals advise you on what is working in your portfolio and what you may want to rework for a more effective presentation.

And of course, our INVITED PRODUCTIONS! Be sure to see the exciting and beautiful work of your fellow designers, technicians and craftspeople live and on stage.

Design Expositions (Formerly Competitions)
Click here or visit the Download Section below to save a PDF copy of this Design Expositions information.

We offer two types of design expositions:

  1. The National Design Expositions
  2. The Regional Design Expositions

The National Design Expositions are for those designs that have been produced at your college or university and the designers have been nominated for this competition. These nominations may come from the student’s faculty or the production respondent who has viewed the show and found the designs to be meritorious. The important aspect is that the designs have been fully produced.

Regional Winners from this Exposition will advance on to the National Festival at the Kennedy Center.
The Regional Design Exposition, called the David Weiss Exposition, is for student class projects. This may be a particularly strong class project or a realized production that is not represented in the National Design Exposition. If you are entering a production that has been produced (i.e. sets were built, costumes were constructed, lights were cued and an audience attended) none of the production aspects can be presented with the project. Entries will be responded to purely on their design aesthetic, the core of the design approach and your presentation (visually and verbally) of those elements. Designers entering this competition should be prepared to own and defend their approach and the results that they are presenting to the respondents.

Winners of this Regional Exposition are awarded cash prizes.

At the festival your work is evaluated by professional designers and teachers who come to our festival from all over the country. Students will be assigned a panel (approx 4′ wide X 8′ tall) to display their entries. Most, but not all, of the responses will have a preliminary round and then a finalist round. Students sign up for a time in the preliminary round when they will talk to one of the teams of judges about the design. The teams of judges then collectively select those entries that will go on to the final round and the times for these presentations are assigned by the regional committee.

Afterward, the gallery will be closed and the guest judges will decide upon the awards which are announced after the Friday evening performance.

All entries remain on display in the gallery until Saturday afternoon. Early removal of projects is not permitted so if you must leave the festival early you will need to have someone else take down your display.