Important information for Directors and host schools:

The Director’s Response Form is linked below.

  • It is important to register your productions as soon as the decision is made to participate. We can make no guarantee for a respondent if you register with only two weeks prior to your opening night.  If there is a delay due to funding issues please contact the Region Chair.
  • Please fill out the registration form accurately, double check dates – often the year does not get changed and spring shows don’t show up.
  • Once you have registered via the national website, the Region Chair is notified via email.
  • Please make sure that KCACTF information is included in your program – to get the most current version please go to the National Site under Sponsorships.
  • For Associate entries the Chair notifies area Response Coordinators and they recruit and assign respondents.
  • Directors, the other department contact identified on the registration form, and the respondent(s) receive a confirmation of the assignment via email from the Response Coordinator for Associate productions and from the Chair for Participating productions. Don’t hesitate to contact the Chair if you have not received an email two weeks prior to opening.
  • Upon receipt of this confirmation the host institution should immediately reach out to the respondent(s) to plan for their visit. Sharing of cell phone numbers is encouraged for emergency communications, i.e. traffic delays.
  • Should a respondent need overnight accommodations the host institution is expected to cover this cost. The cost of the Respondent’s travel is paid by the Region.
  • Ideally the host institution is encouraged to invite the respondent to a meal prior to the performance.  This provides an opportunity to discuss the scope of the school’s program and the production.  Keep in mind that the respondent is not an adjudicator.  They can be a valuable resource to help reinforce student learning and you can take the opportunity to identify students that are eligible for various nominations.
  • As stated on the national website, “KCACTF responses are for the benefit of the company as a whole; they are not intended as an instrument for administrative review of individuals.” Therefore, respondents are under no obligation to provide a written response to the institution.
  • Institutions and respondents are not prohibited from entering into agreements that would result in a peer observation/review. However, it must be clear that the respondent is not acting as an agent of KCACTF and no reference to KCACTF should be included in the written observation/review.
  • Once the production has received a response the director should complete the online response form to make their own nominations for an Irene Ryan nominee and any outstanding students on the production team.
  • If there is a concern or issue with a respondent please start by contacting your response coordinator. If you are getting the same respondent assigned to your school repeatedly, let your response coordinator know so they can make an effort to mix things up a bit.

Click here to enter your student nominations for the production.


Important changes in response coordinators and respondent areas.

Region IV submits more shows as Associate or Participating productions than the other regions, in some cases by a significant amount. We evaluated our response coordinator workload and decided to add an additional response coordinator to the team.  In addition, we broke down response areas by mileage and have added faculty names to more than one state listing.  As a result, you may now be receiving respondent requests from more than one coordinator. While we recognize this may complicate things on your end in terms of deciding which shows to see, we are hopeful it helps us to get coverage for all shows, that we can mix up the coverage a bit, and that our coordinators are not buried under a pile of unclaimed productions.

Here are your Region 4 Response Coordinators:
North Carolina and Virginia – Joel Rogers, Mars Hill University (
Alabama and Mississippi – Tim Matheney, Mississippi State (
Tennessee and Kentucky – Tim Davis, Bluegrass Tech & Community College (
Georgia – Alice Barstow, Berry College (
South Carolina – Lee Neibert, USC Upstate (
Florida – Belinda Boyd, University of Central Florida (