Productions Overview

The Festival does not happen just for one week in February but for the full year as Colleges and Universities present their productions and have them responded to by KCACTF Respondents. Register your productions today to be an active part of KCACTF.

Registering your production makes students and faculty from your institution eligible to participate in all aspects of KCACTF, including performance, design, playwriting, directing, stage management, dramatic criticism & advocacy, and dramaturgy. Learn more about the various opportunities by exploring the “Additional Navigation” links listed on the left.

Productions are registered as:

ASSOCIATE – Early Bird Special, before October 1: $225.00, otherwise $275.
PARTICIPATING – Early Bird Special, before October 1: $300.00, otherwise $350

Productions must be registered three weeks prior to opening night in order to allow the recruiting and assignment of respondents.

Official entry rules can be found at:



For Associated Productions a volunteer respondent, typically a colleague from another KCACTF participating school, will be assigned to attend the performance and provide a verbal response to the student cast and crew. This is not an adjudication, it is a response from an informed audience member that covers the respondent’s overall impressions of the production, a discussion of the process and, possibly, some notes. The respondent will nominate a student from the cast for the Irene Ryan Scholarship Auditions and may choose to nominate outstanding student production team members and potentially recommend exceptional faculty contributions for Certificates of Excellence. The assignment of Associate Production respondents is facilitated by 6 area Respondent Coordinators.

For Participating Productions two members of the Region Selection Team, a group composed of Region leadership, will be assigned to respond to Participating Productions.  Each of these respondents will make the same nominations that an Associate respondent makes.  Additionally, these respondents will participate in discussions with the Region Executive Committee regarding which Participating Productions will be issued invitations to tour the Region Festival. The assignment of Participating Production respondents is facilitated by the Region Chair.

Directors for both Associate and Participating Productions can also nominate an Irene Ryan candidate and students in design, management and dramaturgy.

All students nominated need to be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours at the time of the performance for which they are nominated.

In addition, Participating Productions are ones in which the home institution is interested in consideration for travel to the regional festival.  A written response by the respondents will be sent to the Region Chair with recommendations on whether or not the production should be considered. The Region Selection Team meets during the first week of December to make final choices on invitation of productions to the festival. Your institution will be notified by the Region Chair as soon as possible after the response if the show needs to be held. Participating institutions will be asked to provide a written statement about the production, photos that reveal the highlights of the performance and design (these must include at least two full stage shots), and a statement of intent to travel with the show for the selection team meeting. If selected, the production must be designed to tour to the festival site during the designated time frame.  There are no set number of shows to be invited to the regional festival; invitations are based on a variety of criteria including but not limited to overall quality, genre, and student work.

Some changes in this year’s selection process:

  • we are not requesting videos
  • we will work with each production on the set up time necessary for their show, eliminating the 4 hour set up time constraint.

Please note, entering a production as Participating does not require you to bring it to the festival.

At the regional festival, members of the National Selection Team and of the National Executive committee attend and respond to the invited productions. Productions are considered for national recognition as a result of the responses given by these individuals.