National Full Length Plays

This opportunity is for playwrights whose Region IV school is an active participant in the Festival, meaning they have entered at least one production as an associate or participating production in the current calendar year.

One full-length play will be chosen for a script-in-hand reading at the Region IV Festival. In addition to the general guidelines listed above, please not the following additional guidelines for full-length plays:

  • Running time for the full-length play must be longer than 60 minutes.
  • If selected, the playwright is expected to attend the regional festival where the play will be given a script-in-hand reading. If the playwright cannot attend the festival, his/her play will still be eligible for the Michael Kanin Playwriting Awards, provided that the play has been either produced by a college or university, or publicly presented in a “rehearsed” or “staged reading” format following a significant development process. This reading can occur at their home school or at the regional festival (either is acceptable.)
  • If chosen to participate in the Region IV festival, the playwright may choose to bring their own director and cast, or s/he can choose to have a director assigned and a cast selected from among the actors who audition for the ten-minute plays.

The selected play will automatically become eligible for all national awards for full-length plays from KCACTF (The Michael Kanin Playwriting Awards Program) except the National Student Playwriting Award, which must be awarded to a play entered as a participating production.

Submissions are due by December 1