Welcome, KCACTF Region IV!

It is my pleasure to share with you this year’s call for submissions for the National Playwriting Program (NPP) events at the Region IV Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival which will take place
February 4-8 in Spartanburg, SC.

At the regional level, we accept submissions for student-written work in the following categories:

  • Ten-Minute Plays
  • One Act Plays
  • Full-Length Plays (plays that have NOT been produced or given a rehearsed reading at a college / university in the region.

If your college/university is producing a new play (written by a student, faculty member or guest artist) we strongly encourage you to submit it as an Associate or Participating entry in KCACTF. If you do, the script becomes eligible for a host of national awards, including the David Mark Cohen Award through the Kennedy Center.

The deadline for all student-written regional opportunities (Ten-Minute Plays, One Act Plays) is November 1, 2019

The deadline for the National KCACTF Michael Kanin Playwriting Awards (including the David Mark Cohen Award, the only award for which faculty are eligible) is December 1, 2019.

For more information on the National Playwriting Program, go to the national website.


  • All plays must be blind submissions. The playwright’s name and any identifying information (including school information) must be removed from the manuscript. This includes the title page, and all headers and footers throughout the text of the play.
  • All plays will be evaluated by readers from outside Region IV. Playwrights’ names will be associated with their manuscripts through the electronic form submitted by the Submittable website.
  • Each playwright may submit up to two (2) plays in EACH category (a total of six (6) scripts.) Submitting more than two (2) scripts in any one category will render your entire entry inelligible.
Becky Becker Headshot

For questions contact:
Becky Becker
Regional NPP Chair