Next Steps

What is Next Steps?

Auditions and Portfolio Reviews

KCACTF Region 4 now offers Festival participants a new opportunity to take the next step in their educational growth with this chance to be seen and heard by BA and BFA schools, as well as graduate and summer training programs. Jobs, internships, summer work, 4 year schools and graduate programs will be represented at the auditions and interviews.


What is General Registration?

We want to have an idea how many of you want to take advantage of this opportunity. This will help us find a big group of four year schools to commit and will also give you time to prepare your audition/interview materials. When we get back from Holiday we will ask that you register for a time slot and upload your audition/interview materials.  

For this General Registration you do not have to be registered for the festival 

  1. Click on the Registration link
  2. Fill out the brief information form (Name, school name, email, cell phone, and audition option (Acting, Design, or Stage Management, or Combination)

What do I prepare for Next Steps?

* Performers: please prepare 2 minutes of material; sing, do 1 or 2 monologues, or any combination of appropriate choices totaling 2 minutes. You will need to provide either a track or your own accompanist. When the Specific Registration opens you will need to upload your headshot and resume.
* Designers: please prepare a well-organized portfolio that will show your best work and be prepared for a 5 minute interview.
* Technicians/Managers: be prepared to discuss your resume and answer questions for 5 minutes.

Following the auditions and interviews, you may be asked to meet with individual companies, who will schedule those auditions/interviews with you directly.

More specific information will be posted as it becomes available. Stay tuned. We will contact you when the Specific Registration opens up in January. 

If you have any questions, please contact one of the Next Steps Coordinators:

Elizabeth M. Sloan