Musical Theatre Initiative

The Musical Theatre Initiative is comprised of two major components: Workshops and Scholarship Auditions

Workshops designed for musical theatre performance during the festival. Workshops offered will cover a variety of areas of musical theatre performance, include audition preparations, acting, vocal technique and movement and dance.  All workshops are open to all students.  Check the schedule regularly to see if there is a limitation to the number of participants and sign up for the workshops on line.

The Scholarship Auditions are a focused audition process that will progress to a single scholarship recipient.  This individual will be invited to the National KCACTF festival held in Washington, D.C. in April.  Scholarships to the Open Jar institute are available for national and regional participants.



Round One will take place on Thursday, February 6 from 8:00A.M. until 1:00PM

32 bars (2 minutes maximum)

For the first round of the scholarship auditions, you are asked to prepare thirty-two bars of a song.  Please make sure the selection does not exceed two minutes.  You will be timed for the first round and we will have to stop auditions exactly at two minutes, so plan accordingly.  Round One is a closed audition.  You will audition only for the MTI selection team and guests. 18 students will be selected to move on to Round Two.

Round Two will take place on Friday, February 7 from 9:00AM until 1:30PM

Two songs (5 minutes maximum)

For round two, you should have two songs prepared.  Please make sure the two selections together do not exceed five minutes.  Irene Ryan semifinalists will be given priority to perform first in this round.  Round Two is open to guests.  5 students will be selected to move on to the Final Round.

On Friday from 1:00PM until 3:00PM, we will offer a non-Mandatory Musical Theatre workshop with guest artist respondent, Broadway’s Hunter Ryan Herdlicka.  

The Finals

On Saturday, February 8th from 10:00AM until 12:00PM, the five finalists will rehearse with MTI Coordinator, Dr. David Sollish.  Each finalist will perform three songs (7 minutes maximum) and Dr. Sollish will select the song you will perform for the Final Round at the Festival Gala.

On Saturday afternoon, at a time yet to be determined, we will have a tech rehearsal for the Gala performance.  All five finalists will perform ONE SONG at the beginning of the Gala and the scholarship winner will be announced at the end of the evening.


You must be:

  • A current student from a college or university that at least had one show registered as an Associate or Participating Production for KCACTF.


In order to secure a slot in Round One – please email Dr. David Sollish, the coordinator of the MTI program to secure a slot. You will also need to have a faculty member from your college or university send an email confirming your status as a current student. The easiest way to do this is to CC your faculty member with your email to Dr. Sollish. Be sure to let them know they will need to send a confirmation to Dr. Sollish that you are a registered student and that your college or university has had at least one registered associate or participating production during the calendar year 2019.

Please indicate in the subject line: KCACTF MTI ROUND ONE REGISTRATION

David Sollish Photo

Email goes to Dr. David Sollish, MTI Coordinator, Region IV at  

Also contact Dr. Sollish with any questions

Deadline to enter: January 25, 2020


When your email is received, you will be “pre-registered” for Round One, and you will be notified of the time of your Round One audition.  (If you are in the second round of Irene Ryans we will work around that schedule at festival).

When you arrive at the festival, please check the call-boards to make sure you are still scheduled for the same time, in case a change is necessary.

All auditions must be performed with the MTI accompanist.  You may not use your own accompanist or sing with a recording.  For Round One, there will be no opportunity to rehearse with the accompanist, so all music should be very clearly marked, and placed in a binder (preferably in non-glare sheet protectors).