Festival 45 – Workshop Descriptions

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Title Description Date / Time / Room
Activating the Monologue with Kevin Kennison Opening new approaches and ways of thinking about the performance of the monologue by reminding the actor about the work involved in making bold, specific, and personal choices about the playwright’s circumstances. After the workshop, students will be much more open to initial exploration of the material in order to determine the strongest acting choices for an active experience with the monologue. Students should bring a copy of the piece or the play if available. Observers welcome. Thursday, Feb 7, 11-12:30pm, Bldg. C 266-3 and Saturday, Feb 9, 3-4:30pm, B-101
Actors’ Commercial Workshop: On Camera & Voice-Over technique with Jane Gabbert …with business insights for today’s professional. Thursday, Feb 7, 12 – 2:00PM, Bldg. J Rms. 121-123 and Saturday, Feb 9, 10-11:30am, Bldg. E, Rm. 108, and 4-5:30pm, J-124-6
The Artist As Citizen with Nick Dalton Do you believe in the power of Art to transform communities? This interactive workshop will focus on how we can delve beyond our technical training to harness our collective power and begin to build a space where everyone’s stories can be heard. Together, we will explore how we can use our craft as a means of ensuring the strength of our communities, our culture, and the future of the American theater. Come and reclaim ownership of your own artistic fulfillment. Wednesday, February, 6 10-11:30am J-125-127
Breaking Your “Type”: A workshop on using physicality to play characters outside an actor’s “type” with Robin Knepp and Brooke Turner Actors often feel they get trapped by their physical type, limiting the amount of roles they can play. Our workshop will utilize animal work, miming, and the methods of Michael Chekhov to help actors discover new ways the body can move and operate, and find inspiration in portraying characters with specific mannerisms. Friday, Feb 8, 11-12:30pm, C-251
Broadway Audition Bootcamp with James Grey Work with Broadway Actor/Director/Choreographer James Gray in this Dance Master Class. Learn audition tips and techniques while learning a real BROADWAY dance combination. Work on the vocal audition will also occur both days. Students only. Wednesday, Feb 6, 11-1:00pm, Bldg. C, Rm. 266-3, and 3-4:30pm Bldg. E, Rm. 108; Thursday, Feb 7, 1-2:30pm, Bldg. E, Rm. 108
Casting: How to Get the Job! with Betty Hart In this workshop, actors will discover how to make the best impression during auditions. This workshop will help you conquer your nerves and let you inside the casting process. Monologue selection, clothing choices, headshot and resume basics will be covered. Saturday, Feb 9, 11:30-1pm, Bldg. J-124-6
Devising with ASTEP with Nick Dalton ASTEP artists live at the intersection of the Arts and Global Justice. In this workshop, we’ll be building original pieces of Devised Theater using ASTEP’s unique process-oriented approach. Drawing from your own personal experiences and ideas, a few inspiring prompts, and techniques for devising that an ASTEP facilitator will guide you through, participants will create pieces around a common theme. Wear comfortable clothing and come prepared to jump into the creative process! Friday, February 8, 1-2:30pm C-266-3
Devising Without Compromise: Creating Theatre Through Violent Decision Making and Uncensored Play with Nicholette Routhier This workshop introduces a unique devising process explored by Nicholette Routhier and a small ensemble at Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake, CA. This process is not simply for actor-creators and can apply to directors, designers, and actors alike. Part 1 of the workshop will be a presentation featuring video from the process, and Part 2 will be a guided physical exploration of the process on our feet. You are encouraged to bring an inspiring image, poem, scene, or prop. Wednesday, February 6, 1-4pm, Bldg. C-266-3.
Ensemble Movement Workshop and Introduction to The National Theatre Institute at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center with Kevin Bunge. Come get a taste of the National Theater Institute! NTI offers semester long and summer theater intensives with a strong focus on ensemble building and physical movement. In this workshop we will warm up together, explore some open viewpoints, and finish by devising some scenes. Please wear something you feel comfortable moving in. Students and faculty Thursday, 4:30 pm -6:00pm, Bldg. C, Rm. 266-3 AND Saturday, Feb 9, 9-10:30am, J-124-6.
“An Introduction to the Linklater Technique” with Paul Ricciardi. Through an extended actor’s warm-up format, this workshop will introduce participants to Kristin Linklater’s “progression”. Wear loose-fitting clothing. Thursday, Feb 7, 4-5:30pm, C-251
Mask as Departure Point: The Marotta Movement Method with T. Anthony Marotta Masks aren’t only what you put on your face: they are words, music, emotion, and costume – everything that excites the imagination. We explore how the use of different physical masks (rubber band, Neutral, Larval, Commedia Dell’Arte transforms our bodies, helps us build character, and injects action into a scene or monologue. Wednesday, Feb 6, 1-2:30pm, C-251 and Friday, Feb 8, 2-3:30pm, C-251 and Saturday, Feb 9, 2-3:30pm, E-108
The Mathematics of Acting with Drea Lewis Mathematics builds analytical skills. So does working through scene study: how to set tasks, as well as seeing the point of the situation. The tasks of this workshop include developing the ability to create the framework of given circumstances and relationships, and living-playing imaginatively within them. Participants will build relationships with writing/scene partners through the practice of partnering exercises. Channeling work (face, body and voice), and handling dialogue confidently and competently is also part of this workshop. Participants should be able to present a setting, a relationship, beat changes, the problem of the scene, and solution. Thursday, Feb 7, 9-10:30am, Building B-101 and 1:00 – 2:30pm, Bldg. C, Rm. 266-3
Movement for Actors-Jazz Dance (all levels) with Liz Delancy. This high energy dance class will explore a range of jazz elements like isolations, rhythms, and dynamics. The warm up, across the floor progressions, and dance combinations will reinforce or teach participants dance movement that should be a part of the musical theatre actors’ movement vocabulary. Friday, Feb 8, 3:00-4:30pm, E-108
The National Theatre Institute: Ensemble Movement Workshop and NTI information session with Kevin Bunge Students will explore viewpoints movement and the use of images to create dynamic movement on stage. They will also learn about the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center’s National Theatre Institute programs. Students only. Friday, Feb 8, 1-3pm, E-108
Pilot Season Prep with John Pallotta Geared specifically for working in FILM & TV. Essential knowledge for any actor who wants to audition for the Networks! This workshop is a taste of the teaching available at John Pallotta’s studio classes in New York and Washington, D.C. The Studio’s goals are to provide students with the necessary skills to succeed and work in film and television. Thursday, Feb 7, 10 am – 12pm, J-121-125
The One-Person Show: How to Create Your Very Own from Personal Experience with Carlos-Manuel Chavarria This workshop will concentrate on sharing guidelines on how to write your very own one-person show.The workshop will be “hands-on.” Students need own writing material. Friday, February 8, 11-12:30pm, C-203
The Powerful Presence: Effort, Risk, Momentum, Joy with Nicholette Routhier Experience the training perspective explored at Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake, CA. Be prepared to move, sweat, laugh, and move some more. Both students and faculty Wednesday, February 6, 9-11am, C-266-3
Transformational Audition Technique & Character Development with John Pallotta Work on everything involved in the audition process: the entrance into the room, the attitude presented by the actor, the actual audition, and leaving the room. John’s method is aimed exclusively at unleashing the actor’s emotional power. Begin to discover your voice as an actor through powerful choices. Thursday, Feb 7, 2-4pm, J-121-125


Title Description Date / Time / Room
Alternative Avenues in the Entertainment Industry with Jesse Dreikosen A session to discuss the alternative design careers one can pursue other than traditional theatre. This workshop will explore the answers to the question “what do I do with a theatre design degree?” by looking at professional designer’s work that will inspire you to think “outside the box” when it comes to picking a career path. Thursday, February 7, 4:00-5:30pm, C-203
A Conversation with Jane Childs An opportunity for you to learn more about the famed Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas and the exciting things happening at SILV. Jane, a co-founder of SILV, is one of the most generous and student-centered people you will ever meet and she has spent a lifetime creating opportunities for students. This should not be missed! Thursday, February 7, 4-5pm, J-128
“A Conversation with Todd Rosenthal & Toni-Leslie James” with Todd Rosenthal and Toni-Leslie James Two of our superstar respondents Todd and Toni will discuss their amazing careers and working in the professional world. Q&A to follow. Thursday, February 7, 6:00-7:30pm, B-101
Creating a Stellar Portfolio with Kip Shawger The Former National DTM Chair has seen the ‘best of the best’ portfolios from students across the United States. In this workshop he will share with you his insights for creating effective and exceptional portfolios. Bring your portfolio for one-on-one tips from the master! Friday, February 8, 4:00-5:00pm, C-203
Design Presentation: Maximum Impact DTM Chair Ron Keller has responded to design in all 8 regions of KCACTF. He will share with you tips for creating effective and winning presentations for KCACTF, SETC, URTA and USITT. Saturday, February 9, 9:00-10:30am, C-203
Getting Hired with Val Winkelman A Question and Answer Session on: The Job Search, Application Process Dos and Don’ts, and Networking. Feel free to bring your resume. Friday, February 8, 2:00-4:00pm, J-133
An Introduction to Brass Soldering This workshop is a perennial favorite of the festival and Ron Keller will once again offer this hands-on workshop teaching you how to solder brass for more elegant and effective models and jewelry crafts. No experience is necessary and it is easier than you think. Saturday, Feb 9, 2-4pm, J-128
Introduction to Projection Mapping or What I Learned at the Stage Craft Institute of Las Vegas with Jared LeClaire Festival 44’s Region 4 recipient of the Stage Craft Institute Scholarship, will discuss what he learned from his experience this past summer. This is intended to be a hands on workshop that introduces attendees to the basics of navigating and using video projection mapping and playback software. Topics covered include basic system design, playback programming, and mapping techniques. Saturday, February 9, 4:00-5:30pm, C-203
Knots and ropes for Stage Hands with William McCorkle from Custom Stage Services, Inc This will be a PowerPoint presentation/lecture. This workshop is a brief intro to rope and rope construction and basic knots for any stagehand. Hands on training will be provided during the workshop. Friday, February 8, 1:00-2:30pm, C-203
Patterning: Drafting a Sloper vs. Draping a Sloper with Stephanie Shaw Patterning a basic body sloper by comparing the general techniques of drafting from measurements versus draping on a mannequin. Participants will take each other’s measurements and be instructed through drafting a basic body sloper from those measurements. The instructor will then show how to drape a basic body sloper on a mannequin of a similar size and then evaluate the results of the drafted pattern compared to the draped pattern. This is a two-part workshop. Wednesday & Thursday, February 7, 09:00am – 10:30am, J-128
Scenic Painting Intensive with Charlie Calvert A hands-on seminar in the tools and techniques used by the scenic artist. 3 sessions over three days. Come to one or join us for all three. Wednesday-Friday, February 6-8, 9:00-10:30am, F-117
Stage Management Roundtable Discussion with Kathy Snyder A round table discussion for aspiring stage managers. Topics will include training, internships, the job search, AEA, and many others Friday, February 8, 2:30-4:00pm J-128
TroubleSHOOT! with Tony Galaska Come play the original lighting trouble shoot game! Lighting designers, electricians and anyone interested can challenge each other to see who can outwit, outlast, and uncover the problem in the lighting system. In addition to playing the game, we will discuss techniques and methods for trouble shooting basic lighting systems and moving lights. If you like board games, lighting, and theatre, this is the workshop for you! Thursday, February 7, 2:00-3:30pm, C-252
VISION SHARING: Productive Collaboration with your Production Team with Shannon Robert This workshop will focus on learning how others work, meeting people where they are (instead of insisting that they meet you), the importance of sharing the story, developing a vocabulary together, and developing images that carry through in the design. Saturday, February 9, 10:30-12pm, J-133


Title Description Date / Time / Room
Conversation with Alan Bailey An informal discussion with the Drama Desk nominated author of the hit musical SMOKE ON THE MOUNTAIN Wednesday, Feb 6, 2-3:30pm, J-128
New Play Dramaturgy A brief primer on working with playwrights with Lenora Brown Thursday, Feb 7, 3-4:30pm, J-133
Notes to a Play Director or Playwright with Lenora Brown Friday. Feb 8, 3-4:30pm, J-133.
Writing Plays for Audiences, Or Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me… with David Blakely Playwrights, we often tell people that we “write for the stage” when what we should be telling people is that we write for the audience. Here are some exercises that can get you thinking about your audience and how they can participate in your play. We will discuss writing strategies that keep an audience engaged and apply those strategies in some simple exercises. Saturday, Feb 9, 12:30-2pm, C-252


Title Description Date / Time / Room
After College, Then What? With Kevin Kennison Open Q & A seminar on the business: After college, then what? No question is off the table on graduate school, continued training, paying for classes and meetings, audition search, jobs, agents, managers, casting directors, unions, headshots, resumes, etc. Wednesday, Feb 6, 4-5:30pm, J-128
A Career in Theatre: The Role of Actors’ Equity and a Practical Guide to the Business with Tom Miller Equity supports and protects the rights of Actors and Stage Managers. The workshop offers a candid discussion about how and when to join, pragmatic insight into balancing artistic and business mindsets, and provides tips on negotiating, record keeping, networking, survival jobs and more. The session is Q & A driven and is designed to ease the transition from an academic environment to a professional career. Friday, Feb 8, 1-2:30pm, J-128
“Developing a Solo Show” Paul Ricciardi will guide participants through the entire creative process of crafting a solo performance; from developing a writer’s habit, to pre-production, production, on-stage technique, to touring and promotion. Friday, Feb 8, 11-1pm, C-252 and Saturday, Feb 9, 3-5pm, C-252
Educator and AEA Member Roundtable with Tom Miller Share your experiences and insights of being both educator and artist; discuss the challenges of preparing students for a career in theatre. Faculty only. Thursday, Feb 7, 11-12:30pm, C-252.
Getting Hired with Val Winkelman A Question and Answer Session on: The Job Search, Application Process Dos and Don’ts, and Networking. Feel free to bring your resume. Faculty and students. Friday, Feb 8, 2-4pm, J-133
Script Analysis and the Director’s Vision (Richard Herman) The key to any successful production is the director’s total understanding of the text and their subsequent vision and concept. This workshop will explore the tools necessary for developing a solid, theatrical, and valid analysis and then translating this interpretation into stage action which will inform the design elements, acting choices and directorial decisions. This workshop is for all students and faculty, from beginners to experienced sages of the stage. Thursday, Feb 7, 9-11am, C-252
The Role of the Theatre Critic: A Conversation with Nelson Pressley, Drama Critic of the Washington Post. ITJA special guest shares his knowledge and experience. Building C, Rm. 203 DSC. Thursday, February 7, 11:00a – 12:30p
SDC Membership: An Open Discussion with Sharon Ott A question and answer session regarding the benefits of membership in the Society of Directors and Choreographers with award-winning director with Sharon Ott . For both faculty and students. Friday, February 8, 2:30-4pm, Building C, Rm-203.