Group Festival Registration Form

Registration closes at midnight on January 18, 2019.

Festival registration is $80 per individual for group registrations, either by credit card or check, by mail or on-site.

Your preferred method of payment will be selected on the next page.

For individual registrations, please use this form instead.

Registrant Information

Please provide contact information for the primary faculty member or representative of the group attending the festival.

If you will be using a credit card to pay for your registration please enter the cardholder's name as it appear on the card on the next line. If you are not going to pay by credit card, leave this field blank! (You will be asked for payment information on the NEXT screen).

List of attendees:

Please include both students and faculty, including the representative listed above.

Payment Type

PLEASE NOTE:  Credit card registrations will be processed immediately upon submission of credit card information. Additional instructions about your payment will be available on the next screen.