To register for Festival 50 please click on the registration form and fill out the needed information. Please note this link is for general registration, if you are participating in Irene Ryans, DTM, SDC, NPP, or Dramaturgy please use the additional navigation links on the left to get information, deadlines, and registration information for the area(s) you are participating in.

Schedule for Festival 50: Individual pre-paid registrations with debit/credit card via the website = $80.00 [Institions that pre-register groups are invoiced at $80.00 per person and payment can be made prior to or at the Festival.] Individual pre-registrations paid for at the Festival = $90.00 Registration and payment at the Festival = $100.00

Registration fees enable us to pay for venues and festival materials and to provide travel and housing for our professional guests, respondents, and selectors. We diligently work to keep the fees as low as possible and to be good stewards of these funds in order to provide the best possible festival experience for the region’s students. Pre-registrations allow us to plan more effectively and are encouraged with discounted fees.

Festival Registration is Currently Closed – Late registrations will be accepted on-site

Please email with questions.