Festival 51

FESTIVAL 51 – February 5 to February 9, 2019

Festival 51 is the official 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival!

The 2019 Festival will be in beautiful Spartanburg, SC. Our hosts are USC Upstate and Converse College.

Spartanburg is a small city with a college town feel. The main conference hotel and the main performance venue are located in the down town area. A bus will be available from the Spartanburg Marriott to the USC Upstate campus throughout the day and parking is easy to find on both campuses.

Start making plans now to participate in Festival 51 – 2019!

Everyone must register for the festival.
Costs of registration are graduated as follows:

  • Pre-registered and pre-paid individual – $80
  • Pre-registered and paid at festival – $90
  • Registered and paid at festival – $100

(Institutions that pre-register as a group and pay as a group are charged $80 per participant regardless of when they pay:  online, by mail, or at festival)

Please note that individuals that plan to participate in specific events may need to complete an additional registration form for those events, such as the Irene Ryans and the DTM expo.  Participation in other programs such as Devised Theatre, or the Musical Theatre Initiative may require emails direct to the program coordinators.  Check the individual program pages for more information.  There are no additional fees for program participation.


Faculty of the Region, if you have not received an email with this announcement, you are missing from our mailing lists. To be included please send an email request to kcactf4chair@gmail.com


Many Thanks to Lee Neibert, Barry Whitfield, and the faculty of USC Upstate, as well as Boone Hopkins, Meg Tominaga and Melissa Owens of Converse for hosting our festival.

If your school and community would like to host the festival in the future please contact Joel Williams (kcactf4chair@gmail.com) or Lisa L. Abbott (kcactf4vicechair@gmail.com).

Special thanks to our sponsors