Leadership Opportunities

You make it WORK!

Help us with our Contact list

Keeping an updated contact list for the entire region and for these overlapping areas between states is a complicated task. If you have worked as a respondent in the past and do not receive a call for respondents by September 1, please contact the Region Chair Lisa Abbott (kcactf4chair@gmail.com). If you do not wish to continue receiving emails calling for respondent volunteers, simply reply to the coordinator and asked to be removed from the list. You will still receive region-wide NEWS from me – unless of course you ask to be removed from that list as well.

If you are interested in getting involved in leadership in Region IV contact the Region Chair Lisa Abbott. (kcactf4chair@gmail.com)

Areas where you can help!

  • Directing Mentor for the 10 minute play festivals
  • Respondents for Irene Ryan first rounds
  • Stage Management coordinator
  • Response coordinators
  • Leadership positions in the area programs – start as a helper.
  • Workshop presentations