Become a Respondent

We need you to be a respondent.

We have attempted to update our contact lists over the summer and we are broadening our reach across state lines in an effort to reduce respondents visiting the same school too often. For example, If you work in NC, in the past you typically received an email call for respondents from Joel Rogers. Now you may also receive emails from Chris Berry, SC, and Alice Bristow, GA. If you are within 280 highway miles of another school in another state you are now on multiple contact lists.

Please keep in mind, the expectation that when a school registers a show for the festival, faculty from that school should be willing to train and serve as respondents to other institutions. It is this shared collaborative volunteerism that enables the festival to function.

If you are interested in becoming a respondent for Region IV, please reach out to the respondent coordinator representing your state.

Respondent Coordinators

Belinda Boyd,
University of Central Florida

Lee Neibert,
USC Upstate
South Carolina

Alice Bristow,
Berry College

Tim Davis,
Bluegrass Tech & Community College
Kentucky and Tennessee

Tim Matheney,
Mississippi State
Alabama and Mississippi

Joel Rogers
North Carolina and Virginia