DTM Facts and Tips

Design Exposition-a list of suggestions and guidelines.

Students may enter multiple designs, categories, and productions.

If a design is entered one year as a non-produced production, the same design cannot be entered in a following year as a produced production.

Proudly and boldly display your name and the title of the production but please cover or omit the name of your school.

Please present materials that you used in your process as the designs evolved. Choose materials that best articulate and document the conceptual approach and collaborative process. These may include combinations of the following (this is not a definitive list):
Research images, inspirational images, marked pages of the script, preliminary sketches, white models, color models, color sketches, drafting including sections, recording of sound cues, manipulations that led to those compositions, diagrams, schematics, hookup sheets, design books, story boards, renderings, swatches, costume plot, cue synopsis, tracking sheets, etc.

Electricity will be provided for sound designs only.

You want to avoid overly produced display panels. Displays that have an abundance of visually distracting backgrounds are less effective and make it more difficult to see the beauty and clarity of your design ideas. Neatness does count.

Sound designers need to bring a device that enables respondents to hear your work. Headsets are allowed but please, no earbuds. Photos linked to your cues are helpful. If you have a favorite cue, make sure it is easy to find.

National entries, including stage management, must include production photos. Stage managers will put photos in their prompt book.

Sound Designs and Stage Management prompt books will be displayed on a table. All other design entries will have a 4’ x 8’ vertical panel. We will try to provide pedestals for models. You are encouraged to bring your own if possible.

If you would like to display a costume on a dress form, please bring your own.
You may set up your exhibit on Tuesday afternoon. We will provide tacks and pins for you to hang your materials. We will have a mandatory orientation meeting Tuesday evening.

You must be present for your scheduled appointment during the week in order to receive respondent feedback.

In Region IV, DTM awards are announced on Friday after the evening’s performance. If you are the recipient of an award, we will take a photo of you on Saturday BEFORE you strike your display.

Designs must remain on display until mid-day on Saturday. If you must depart early, have a friend strike your exhibit materials. We are unable to ship anything back to you. All materials must be picked up by the end of strike.

Entries should be pre-registered. Onsite entries may be accepted at the festival if space permits.

Most importantly, smile, breathe, relax and enjoy! We want you all to be at your very best and are here to support you. We want you to succeed.