Scenic Design, Lighting Design, Costume Design, and Sound Design

Student designers are invited to present their designs in the DTM Exhibition. This is an opportunity to share your work with professionals and your peers. Production designs and course projects are presented to a panel of professional guest respondents. The respondents will select work for regional and national design awards. Please go to the National Design and Technology Page to read about the National opportunities.

Designers need to arrive on Tuesday, February 4 to set up their displays.

Students will be provided with a 4’x 8’ vertical panel on which to post their materials. A music stand or small pedestal will be available for models.  Sound, and a few crafts areas, will be provided table space instead of the vertical panel. Please note, we do not provide dress forms but you may bring one.

To qualify for any award, you must be registered for the Festival as an individual AND separately, you must register EACH of your design and/or management entries, and participate in the Region IV exhibit and interview.

Make sure you check out workshops and other opportunities while you are at festival!

Questions? Check out our tips page DTM-Facts and Tips