Aspire – The KCACTF / LORT Leadership Program

The field of Arts Management and Administration encompasses a broad range of talents and responsibilities. While arts administrators often work in the non-profit sector, for producing theatres and presenting groups, for arts councils, and for museums, careers can also be found in for-profit organizations, in theatre, the music industry, galleries and other arts organizations.

A new initiative from the Kennedy Center combines Arts Management and equality, diversity and inclusion. All students interested in arts management are invited to participate in the Arts Management program. We want to encourage women and minorities to participate as these groups are underrepresented in the professional theatre. Participating in the ASPIRE, THE KCACTF/LORT LEADERSHIP PROGRAM will include:

  • Workshops – hear from current professionals working in the areas of arts administration and management.
  • Arts Administration Internship positions at Festival 52 and benefit from hands on learning opportunities throughout the week. More details on this to come.
  • Opportunity for consideration for the National Festival as an Arts Leadership fellow.
  • Opportunity to receive a scholarship in Arts Leadership.
  • Opportunities to network with professionals from region 4 LORT theatres.


Students DO NOT need to be majoring in Arts Management or Administration to be considered for one of the Aspire positions.

To Apply

Interested students should send a letter of interest, resume, the name of their school, and the name and email address of a faculty reference to: Tony Galaska (, Region IV Chair of DTM.

Please check back soon for details on this exciting opportunity.