We Stand In Solidarity

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We Stand In Solidarity

Students, faculty, artists of KCACTF Region IV,

This week has been a painful one for our nation and specifically for people of color as we face, once again, the pain of institutional racism that leads to the casual killing of a human being. I have been searching for words to offer comfort to my students, to express my anger and fury, to shout out at the world. I can’t find them.

But this I know; we are artists, we tell the stories of our world. We create the space for catharsis as well as change.

KCACTF has long stood for diversity, equity, and inclusion. We celebrate all that makes us human, our commonalities and our differences. KCACTF Region IV has no space for racism and hate. We will not tolerate it in any form. We are here to support, to listen, to raise up our students, faculty and artists of color.

I keep going back in my mind to the incredible performance presented by Spellman College two years ago at our festival. The series of monologues “Hands Up.” It is work like this that speaks to the power of theatre to express the anger and pain of these times.

We cannot produce in the normal way right now. But we will find a way to create, to give voice. We can take action. To aid you in that endeavor  I want to share the list of resources put out by the SDC in response to the events of the week:

Get Involved

Black Lives Matter

Ways You Can Help

Campaign Zero is a comprehensive platform of research-based policy solutions to end police brutality in America. 


Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

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