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News from the KCACTF National Committee

The KCACTF National Committee engaged in thrilling and productive meetings this August.  We wanted to share with you a summary of the latest news.

Production Entry Fee Increase

The Associate and Participating Production Registration fee has remained flat since 2014.

To accommodate rising costs at the regional and national level, the National Committee voted for a modest $25 increase which will go into effect on October 1, 2019 for all production entry fees. Over the course of the next year, we have created an increase of an additional $25 to go into effect on October, 2020 (please see the table below).

The 2019 Early Bird rate will NOT increase, so enter your 2019-2020 productions asap!

Current Discount Rate:
(doesn’t change)
Oct 1 Regular Rate
increases to:
June 1, 2020
New Discount Rate:
Oct 1, 2020
New Regular Rate increases to:

The Representation, Equity, and Diversity Initiative

Throughout the summer of 2019, an ad-hoc committee surveyed regional and national KCACTF leaders from throughout the country about the status of KCACTF’s equity, diversity, and inclusion practices. After reviewing the ad-hoc committee’s recommendations, the National Committee unanimously adopted the Representation, Equity, and Diversity (RED) Initiative which demonstrates KCACTF’s commitment to representation of diversity through equity in our leadership, programming, and practices by:

  1. Establishing a Representation, Equity, and Diversity (RED) Coordinator on each of the 8 regional boards.
  2. Creating a Representation, Equity, and Diversity (RED) Coordinator as a member of the National Executive Committee.
  3. Standardizing and publicizing the pathways to regional and national leadership which will be included on the newly revised national KCACTF website to be launched in October 2019. 
  4. Assembling selection, scholarship, and award panels at Regional and National festivals that will create equitable representation of race, gender, gender identity, ability, and sexuality. At least 50% of any panel will be comprised of historically marginalized identities.
  5. Charging the new RED National Coordinator to:
    1. facilitate revising the KCACTF mission statement and strategic plan to give greater focus on representation, equity, diversity.
    2. create KCACTF promotional materials that can be utilized for recruitment and retention of theatre programs and individuals with a specific focus on equity, diversity, and representation.
  6. Seeking out a Representation, Equity, and Diversity in theatre expert to lead the National Committee in strategic planning and implicit bias training at the 2020 National Festival.
  7. Committing to fund the ASPIRE Arts Leadership program on an annual basis
  8. Piloting a new system of National Recognition of work done at the Regional Festivals which focuses on offering “Kennedy Center Recognitions of Outstanding Achievement” rather than the previous tiered award structure.

We are excited about these new initiatives and hopeful that they will make KCACTF a more welcoming, equitable, and fiscally stable organization. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Regional Chair.

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