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Festival 51 Awards

KCACTF Region IV is pleased to announce the award recipients from our 2019 Regional Festival in Spartanburg!

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Acting, Directing, Playwriting, Journalism, Dramaturgy, Design, Technology, and Management

Acting and Irene Ryan Scholarship Awards

Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Award
Awardee:  Kayla Ross, University of Louisville
Runner-up:  Chase Rivers, North Carolina Central University

SETC Best Irene Ryan Partner Award
Bria Smith, North Carolina A&T State University

SETC Best Comedic Performance Award
Christian Carlson, Troy University

Marvin Simms Diversity Award
Asha Duniani, North Carolina A&T State University

Classical Acting Award 
John Andrew, University of Southern Mississippi

Musical Theatre Initiative Award
Awardee:  Devin Bowles, Middle Tennessee State University
Runner-up:  Vanaya Henderson, North Carolina A&T State University



SDC Directing Fellowship
  C. McCabe, Middle Tennessee State University
Alternate:  JC Gutierrez, Florida International University

Ten-Minute Play Directing Award
  Cailin Hurley, Middle Tennessee State University
Honorable Mention:  Camilla Almond, University of Alabama Birmingham



David Shelton Award
Awardee:  Sean McCord, Hollins University, “Moving”
Alternate:  Walter Dodd, Hollins University, “Vow of Silence”

Mark David Cohen Playwriting Award
Carlos Adorno, Jacksonville University, “String”

NAPAT Playwriting Award
  Sean McCord, Hollins University, “Moving”
Alternate:  Walter Dodd, Hollins University, “Vow of Silence”

John Cauble Short Play Award
Caroline Hull, University of Central Florida, “Break”
Kimberly Patterson, Hollins University, “Arachnothology”

Ten-Minute Play Award
Laura Pickard, Middle Tennessee State University, “Fretting Over Lentils”
Kate Leslie, Hollins University, “Ashes To Dust”


Journalism and Advocacy

ITJA Fellowship
Awardee:  Charissa Robertson, Roanoke College
Runner-up:  Melissa Dillon, Troy University



Dramaturgy Fellowship
Awardee:  Noah Ezell, College of Charleston
Awardee:  Rebecca Weaver, Jacksonville State University
Runner-up:  Allyson Broyles, Valdosta State University 


Design, Technologies, and Management


Allied Design:
1st Place:  Allie Sullivan
2nd Place:  Indra Sullerio
Honorable Mention: Lindsey Kelly
Honorable Mention:  Amanda Klipsch

Sound Design:
1st Place:  Caleb Garner
2nd Place: Evan Hamlin
Honorable Mention: Anna Angeles
Honorable Mention:  Alexis Bowen

Lighting Design
1st Place: Mary Flott
2nd Place: Russell Terrell
Honorable Mention: MacKenzie Ulibarri
Honorable Mention:  Kendall Clark

Costume Design:
1st Place:  Johan Gallardo
2nd Place: Chenjerai Weir
Honorable Mention: Caleb Barks
Honorable Mention:  Kate Saylor

Scenic Design:
1st Place:  Ceili Hesselgrave
2nd Place: Abigail Hutcheson
Honorable Mention: Samantha Burns

Stage Management:
1st Place:  Vistoria Leatherman
2nd Place: Rita Pearson-Daley
Honorable Mention: Bethany Moody
Honorable Mention:  Claire Fogle

ASPIRE (Arts Management):
1st Place:  Shanel Smith
2nd Place: Dautri Erwin

Ansley Gayton

Vectorworks Award:
MacKenzie Ulibarri


Allied Design:
Cody Campbell

Lighting Design:
Kevin Sage

Costume Design:
1st Place:  Olivia Tippett
2nd Place:  Karen Licari

Scenic Design:
1st Place: Joshua Gibson
2nd Place: Lindsey Kelly

Poster Design:
Veshonte Brown

Student’s Choice:
Jackson Bernhardt


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