Greetings from Joel Williams, Chair, Region IV

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Greetings from Joel Williams, Chair, Region IV

As I undertake this new level of service to Region IV, I want to express my gratitude for the tutelage I received from outgoing Chair, Annie Laurie Wheat. She generously shared leadership responsibilities and included me in important meetings at the national level. Because of this I feel well prepared to step into my new role and for that she has my sincere gratitude.

I also want to thank the members of the executive committee and the festival team leaders that have been especially reassuring in expressing their confidence in my ability to do this job. During my term as Vice Chair, I have observed these committed and dedicated volunteers effectively execute their duties and recognize that without their expertise and hard work the complex and multifaceted Festival could not possibly succeed. I will do my best to justify their confidence.

Finally, I feel particularly blessed to have Lisa Abbott serving as my Vice Chair. Her dedication and service to Region 4 is unsurpassed, as those of you who have been pursued and recruited as production respondents in Georgia and South Carolina are no doubt aware.

I have inherited the email account. I am requesting that Region 4 business be addressed to that account. For those of you who use my address please take note and add this gmail account to your contact lists.

If you have any questions or concerns about KCACTF please do not hesitate to contact me and know that if I don’t have the answers I will do my best to find someone who does. Also I will be seeking out region faculty who are interested in service to this organization, so if you are among those ranks please let me know. Lisa and I are accessing what roles will need to be filled.

I will close with this thought: As we approach Festival 50 and KCACTF’s 50th Anniversary, the one thing I have learned about this organization is that it is not static. Programs evolve and new programs are introduced, tested and refined. I will work hard over the course of my term to ensure that you are kept informed of these changes. One of my first priorities is to follow through on am initiative, already underway, to have our Region 4 website redesigned and updated. I am also researching the best approach to creating an electronic newsletter that will survive institutional spam filters, until then watch for frequent but brief updates via email.

Joel Williams

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