How to Connect to Georgia Southern’s Wifi

GS Guest

GS Guest is an unsecured, open network. Registration, which is good for five days is necessary to access GSGuest.

1.       Open the wireless network list.

2.       Connect to the GS Guest wireless network.

3.       Open your web browser.

4.       If you already have an account, enter your account username/password and click the “Sign On” button.

5.       If you do not have an account, enter the requested information and click the “Register” button.


GSCampus is the secure network for the Georgia Southern campus. Clients of the GSCampus must have a MyGeorgiaSouthern account.

1.       Navigate to your device’s Wireless Network setup.

2.       Select the option labeled “gscampus”.

3.       Enter your MyGeorgiaSouthern username and password.

4.       If necessary, accept the network’s certificate.


GSDevice is an unsecured, open network design to allow such devices as game consoles and smart TVs. Clients of the GSDevice network must register their device through an online portal. A device hardware address (MAC address) is necessary.

1.       Go to to begin the process.

2.       Enter your MyGeorgiaSouthern username and password.

3.       Click the “Add” button on the Manage Devices screen.

4.       Enter the name, MAC address, and description of your device. Click the “Submit” button/

5.       Connect your device to GSDevice.

For help finding your device’s MAC address

For detailed instructions

Refer to the GS Wireless Service Guide at or contact the Service Desk at (912) 478-2287.

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