Ten-Minute Play Festival Program

Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Region IV
Saturday, February 6, 2016
Charleston, SC

The ten-minute play festival presents staged readings of the year’s selected ten-minute plays: cast from festival attendees and rehearsed during the festival.

1. Behind The Badge by Joshua Moody

Director: Reggie Baril
Stage Manager: Victoria J. Morales
Dramaturg: Nathan Petty
Jasmine Yesenia Ozuna
Mark Christian Shupe
Reader Drakkar Harris

Director’s Bio:  Joshua Moody is a senior majoring in Theatre Performance/Business Entrepreneurship at the University of South Florida. He is excited to premiere his first ever written work, Behind the Badge, at KCACTF Festival 48.

Program Notes:

January 1st, 2009 – Oscar Grant, an unarmed black man, is shot in the back and killed in Oakland, California at Fruitvale Transit Station. The event is caught on camera and incites protest.

June 13th, 2011 -Johannes Mehserle, the officer that shot Grant is released from custody after spending eleven months in jail.

July 13th, 2013 – #BlackLivesMatter is created as a result as George Zimmerman’s acquittal for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

August 9th, 2014– Micheal Brown is shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri by white police officer Darren Wilson. Brown was black, and also unarmed. Protests begins and lasts for weeks.

November 24th, 2014 – A grand jury decides to not indict Darren Wilson.

January, 2015 – President Barack Obama requests Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey to co-chair the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. The goal of this force is to strengthen police relationships with communities across America.

February 6th, 2016 Behind the Badge by Joshua Moody premiers at the ten minute play festival at KC/ACTF 48.

Nathan Petty (Columbus State)

2. Black Velvet by Tara Hill

Director: Juan Alfonso
Stage Manager: Chelsea Janke
Dramaturgs: Shira Pollio and Meagan Mulgrew
Brandon Sean Birkett
Victoria Luna Mackie
Reader Margaret Nyland

Director’s Bio:  Tara Hill is from Loudon, Virginia and is a recent graduate of James Madison University. She has a degree in English with a Creative Writing minor. This is her first time featuring her work at KCACTF.

Program Notes:
Virginia is for Lovers

Welcome to the highest point of the Shenandoah Mountain, the splendid Reddish Knob, which boasts a romantic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, perfect for a getaway with that special someone. As you stroll along this 19 mile trail, take note of the winding North River and keep your eyes out for the native mourning dove — its sweet somber song elicits a peaceful atmosphere as you traverse the lush landscape.  The Reddish Knob is known for its beautiful but dangerous creatures such as the snapping turtle and the copperhead snakes, which become aggressive when disturbed or provoked.  Also, please take note of our beautiful local flowers, especially the renowned False Lily-of-the-Valley.  On a historical note, the trail was originally built for access for a fire tower that has since been declared useless, but provides an excellent escape into what was.

Please note that the trail is winding and can be traitorous. Even though the glorious scenery is understandably distracting, use caution as there are rocks and obstacles along the way.  Who knows? You and your valentine might learn a little something about yourselves and each other as you escape from the hustle and bustle of city life into the simplicity and honesty of nature.

Shira Pollio (Berry College), Meagan Mulgrew (SCAD)


3. A Range of Possibilities by Emily Morgan

Director: Chantal Denoun
Stage Manager: Molly Burch
Dramaturg: Siobhan Mulligan
Jacob Alex Irwyn
Hannah Haley Beasley
Reader Ashley Vinsion

Director’s Bio: Emily Mangan is from Arlington, Virginia and is a recent graduate of James Madison University. As an English Major, Emily enjoys writing poetry and creative nonfiction. This is her first time at KCACTF, and though she’s saddened to have discovered playwrighting in her final college semester, she is excited for the dramatic journey ahead.

Program Notes:

  1. Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
  2. Keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  4. Know how to use the gun safely.
  5. Wear proper eye and ear protection as appropriate.
  6. No talking at the gun range. No arguing at the gun range. No debating at the gun range.
  7. Never use drugs or alcohol before or while shooting. If you have a history of drug abuse, you will not be allowed to buy a gun. If you have a history of alcohol abuse, do not worry: you will still be allowed to buy a gun because alcohol does not impair your judgment in the same way.
  8. Unauthorized or unsafe persons should not have access to guns. Please make sure you have a permit to buy a gun, or your purchase will be rejected. If you do not have a permit, please buy your gun from a gun show instead.
  9. Follow the rules of the gun range, or be diagnosed with an illness you do not know you have. Sane people follow the rules of the gun range.
  10. Follow the rules of the gun range. The rules will keep you safe.

Siobhan Mulligan (Berry College)


4. The Pizza Man by Jake Hunsbusher

Director: Joshua Goodridge
Stage Manager: Amanda Broyles
Dramaturg: Hailey Wallace
Allen Robbie Ramirez
Jessica Hannah Ewing
Reader Beth Ann Sterling

Director’s Bio: Jake Hunsbusher is a senior at Georgia Southern University in the Multi-media Film Production program and author of The Pizza Man. This play was one of the first he has ever written, and this year was his first time submitting anything to the KCACTF competition.

Program Notes:


  1. When it’s your significant other’s turn to order pizza and they order it with a topping you HATE (like pineapples or something), it may be time to slice them out of your life. It serves as a trust exercise.
  2. Pizza challenges the two of you to try new things in bed. “Did you wanna try the cheese stuffed crust or the… other stuffed crust?”
  3. The carbs in pizza deliver you relaxation in a time of stress (in 30 minutes or less!). The world becomes the perfect pie when you melt together for a good time.
  4. You and your S.O. can bond over the types of pizza you both hate! Because nothing brings two people together quite like hatred!
  5. REMEMBER: Pizza can heal all wounds.

Hailey Wallace (Georgia Southern)


5. In the Direction of the Sun by Sierra Carlson

Director: Victoria Gluchoski
Stage Manager: Jennifer London
Dramaturg: Kristen Ciancio
Warda Shay Jennings
Maha Jasmine Kelley
Xate Shingali / Reader Ashley Portis

Director’s Bio:  Sierra Carlson is a playwright and sophomore from James Madison University.  Sierra is a Theatre Major with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. These two areas of study inform Sierra’s work as a theatre artist. Although most of her work in theatre has been as a dramaturg, she is thrilled by the possibilities that playwriting has to offer. This is Sierra’s first time attending KCACTF.

Program Notes:
July 2, 2015
Today Xate Shingali, the singer in our community, approached me about fighting against the Daesh. She says they keep killing our Yazidi brother and sisters. We are proud people of ancient heritage, we are not people to lie down and not fight. The Daesh are fighting everyone across the globe. They are considered the evil incarnate and no one disagrees. I want to fight for our land back but I risk everything, not just my life but my body and mind as well. We can’t run from the Sinjar Province to Syria because we will still be in danger. We can’t run to Baghdad for the same reasons. The more I think about war the more I admit I have to grab a rifle and join the fight.
-A Yazidi Woman

Kristen Ciancio (Univ of Alabama Birmingham)

5. Mouse Play by Katelyn Sabat

Director: Joshua Alec Feemster
Stage Manager: Rachel Walsh
Dramaturg: Teresa Kilzi
Lisa Marae Ashmore
Cindy Caroline Connell
James Christian Tripp
Lawrence Samgel Gendriz
Ellen Brianna Smart
Mr. Grable Johnathan Carter
Reader Olivia Skillern

Director’s Bio: Katelyn Sabet is a recent Appalachian State University graduate. She is currently trying to get her life together in the mountains of North Carolina. Katelyn is honored to be included in this festival among so many of her talented peers. She likes dogs and she likes you, also. Feel free to contact her: sabetkr@appstate.edu

Program Notes:

Jefferson Middle School
Northampton County Charter Schools

February 5, 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian of Lisa Mundy,

At Jefferson Middle School, we strive to abide by the precepts of our motto:

Serve the doctrine that instigates our curiosity.

The education your child receives in the advanced courses at our institution has been carefully crafted by experts in their fields, both by full-time teachers and visiting instructors, to encourage critical thinking and expand the boundaries of their worldviews. Our students’ achievement and well-being are our top priorities.

I am writing to inform you that due to a recent incident in the classroom, your child’s Advanced English instructor, Mr. James Grable, is under review. Our students remain safe and secure in our hands, and a suitable replacement has been acquired in the interim.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact my office to schedule a meeting.

Brenda Perry, Principal

Teresa Kilzi (University of Central Florida)


Special Thanks to:
Directing Mentors: Debra Liss-Green, Kendall Kiker, David Ruebhausen
Production Stage Manager: Tajh Oates
SDC Program: Dewey Scott-Wiley, Lisa Abbott
Dramaturgy Program: Heather Helinsky and Derek Davidson
DTM: Val Winkelman and Tony Galaska
Ten-Minute Play Respondents:  Georgia McGill, Past National NPP Chair and Deborah Anderson, Retired National NPP Chair
NPP Region IV Chair: Todd Ristau
NPP Region IV Vice Chair: Becky Becker


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