The Bluest Eyes; The Loudest Applause

By: Madison Rae Tolley

The hardest part of disaster is facing the fact that it’s inevitable. The audience is warned by narrators Claudia and Frieda (Daja Middleton, Kay Monet) that protagonist Pecola (Moriah Williams) has a horrific fate awaiting her. Despite this warning, it feels as though if watched close enough she would be spared. A hope for solace and fear of disaster bubbled up in response to North Carolina Central University’s performance of The Bluest Eye.

Hearing the harsh language of Diamond’s script isn’t enough to elicit strong reactions alone; such terrible words are heard in headlines daily. The reaction came when Director Dr. Asabi’s actors expressed a spirit that had the air thick with the urge to vomit; their vocalizing the text had my eyes fighting tears. They mention the feeling of “flesh on surprised flesh,” yet it translates to the audience as a shocking contact of soul on soul.

Despite knowing the disaster coming, there was a gruesome innocence about the actors that begged you to believe otherwise was possible. Theatre artists such as these captivate their audiences and sweep them on a journey, but above all give it meaning. Well done, NCCU.