Festival Schedule is Now Online!

After the success of last year’s festival, we are again partnering with sched.org to bring our festival schedule online.  Stay up-to-date, keep abreast of changes, and personalize your own KCACTF4 experience at the link below.  We encourage you to sign in with facebook or an email address in order to build your personal schedule and access personalized calendar links that automatically update if a session you are attending changes time or venue.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR SCHEDULE ONLINE – http://schedule.kcactf4.org

With our web-based system, you can create your own personalized schedule from the festival calendar, you can connect with your friends and fellow attendees to keep up with everyone during the festival.  Integrated facebook, twitter, and linkedin support allows you to automatically add friends who are also attending.

The mobile version of the website can be installed onto your iPhone or Android home-screen as a webapp. There’s also an iCal link to your personalized schedule, and the full festival schedule, that you can import into your smartphone or tablet’s calendar.

Take a tour of some the features of our scheduling system

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