National News Update!

Greetings KCACTF colleagues,

Each year the regional chairs meet with the National Executive Committee members
of KCACTF to discuss and improve our organization and make plans for the coming
year. This is also a time when changes are announced that affect the regions and
when policy/decisions are made. This year’s meeting was very productive and we
look forward to eight exciting regional KCACTF festivals that are truly the heart and
soul of our work at KCACTF.

As you are aware, a few years ago a substantial reorganizing of the national festival
was needed due to Congressional budget cuts which affected the Kennedy Center
Education program. The “new” model has been in place for three years now and we
feel very positive about the experiences our students are having at the national
festival. This last April, 160 students were invited to the Kennedy Center to
participate in the national festival and attend workshops and master classes. Over
40 professionals from the fields of playwriting, dramaturgy, directing, design,
dramatic criticism, and performance were brought to share their wisdom and
expertise with our students. The students invited to participate were selected from
the regional festivals: from participating productions to the top recipients in the
area events. It was truly a gathering of some of the most gifted and creative
students in our regions. To financially continue this model into the future, some
additional changes are being made for the next festival year:

For the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship, one nominee and partner from every region will be
invited to the national festival and the nominee will receive a $500 scholarship. The
runner-up in each region will receive a $500 scholarship, but will not attend the national
festival to audition for the national scholarship. There will now be one national
Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship award recipient who will receive a $5,000
scholarship (up from the previous total of $3,000) and their partner will receive a
$1,000 scholarship (previously the partners were not awarded scholarship funds.)

The second place national recipient will receive a $2500 scholarship and their
partner will receive a $500 scholarship (previously the 2nd place partner was not
awarded scholarship funds). These scholarships are in addition to the multiple
awards that will continue to be granted by our partner organizations to this group
of regional recipients.

Due to the smaller overall pool of students who are participating in the Dramaturgy
program and the Institute for Theatre Journalism and Advocacy, all eight regional
award-recipients in each area will now be considered by a national panel of leading
artists in the field, and the top four candidates in each area will be selected to attend
the national festival.

KCACTF will continue to offer an award for outstanding undergraduate scholarship,
but only one national recipient will awarded.

With these changes we feel that our national KCACTF festival can continue to offer
exceptional experiences for the selected students from our regions and continues to
honor the work exhibited at our regional festivals.

A new regional award sponsored by VASTA (Voice and Speech Trainers
Association). The VASTA award for vocal excellence will be presented at the
regional festivals from the pool of Irene Ryan finalists.
We look forward to seeing you at our regional festivals and wish you all the best as
you are starting off another academic season.

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