The Beams Are Creaking; the House has Fallen Down.

By: Sean Byrne

Have you ever sat in a class and swore that an hour has passed by only to look at the clock and realize it’s only been twenty minutes? Then you know what it’s like to sit through Asbury’s production of The Beams Are Creaking.

There’s not one area to blame for the lackluster production, perhaps except whoever selected the show in the first place. The script is tedious and filled with uninteresting characters – leaving the actors nothing to connect to or find depth in. Not a good combination when the historical play is about a German theologian with no personality.

The only thing worth writing about is the set design. The stage featured a beautiful half-circle of bookshelves filled with WWII oddities and imposing red banners hovering menacingly over the actors. I also congratulate Matt Winters for taking his small role of the sympathetic Nazi prison guard and stealing the show. The rest of the show walked straight through the gray area and faded into obscurity.

It pains me to write this review. Someone told me that occasionally the most apt reponse one can give is to shake their fist and walk away – if only that was possible.