Thank You Region 4

Nathan Petty


As the 2014 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival draws to a close, I can confidently say that I am completely exhausted in the best way possible.  As a first time participant of this or any college theatre festival, it is very important to me to make the most out of the time I have here. I knew I would have many educational opportunities such as workshops and the Institute for Theatre Journalism and Advocacy, and I knew I would see many great productions. What I did not expect, was the amazing bond I would create with such a large group of artists. Of course it was not possible to meet each and every participant, but the adventure of the festival was one shared by all, faculty included. Through late night discussions with professors from across the region, time spent with so many students from my own school and others, and the emotional roller coaster of The Laramie Project , I have learned so much not only about this amazing art I have chosen to pursue, but about myself as well. Many times I have been out of my comfort zone trying new things, and not always succeeding. It is these moments we all have together that show our love and support for all things stage related, ourselves included. Thank you region four for pushing me to my limits, depriving me of sleep and taking me on a theatrical journey that will not be forgotten, and I will see you next year.