I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, I Guess.

By Kelly Rudolph, James Madison University

Whose brilliant idea was it to start ignoring the fact that students take more than one class at a time? It started in middle school, working on homework until even my night owl dad packed it in before me. Fast forward eight or so years and I’ve involuntarily seen the sunrise more times than I can count after a long night of homework, tech, or a lethal combination of the two. If I’m lucky, some weeks I’ll only have a paper, a project, a test, and two 30-page reading assignments due over the course of three days.

I love learning, always have. But when did it become okay for our generation to kill ourselves over assignments? Stringing a series of 2-to-5-hour-long nights together over a week really starts to mess with you after a while. It’s become this system of three options: Quality work, getting everything adequately done and getting time for a break, or sleeping properly, but you’re only allowed to pick one.

As a theatre artist and student I hate living this way, because I either neglect being a student or start distancing myself from the work in the theatre that I love (that also acts as an unofficial form of education). Anybody found a life hack for this yet, besides Hermione’s time-turner?