Critic Versus The Reader’s Disdain

If there such a thing as a critic that is more legitimate than another?

A true critic is someone who can formulate an opinion on something and then fully express that opinion in an understandable way. Theatre critics come in many different types of people.

But is one critic better than another?

Should we trust someone who has attended hundreds of shows more than someone who has created a hundred shows?

Are actors better than Designers? Directors better than Producers?

Is a Theatre major more attuned to important topics than an English Major?

Everyone is going to have a different opinion on this, which illustrates my point. Everyone attends a production with different circumstances. All of the aspects of a production are important to talk about, but you’re more likely to comment on things that you understand more. Critiques from an actor, a designer, and a director will all concentrate on different aspects of the show. Instead of saying that one is more valid than others, perhaps all critiques should work in tandem.

Most likely these critiques will contradict each other. That’s good. Receiving more than one view on the show will give you a more complete understanding of what happened in the production.

All critics are legitimate, just as all opinions are. Not agreeing with those opinions doesn’t change that fact.