2012 SETC Design Competition

It’s not too late to apply for the 2012 SETC DESIGN COMPETITION with New Awards! More Opportunity!

Designers Tony Walton & Richard Pilbrow will critique the Design Competition Friday, March 8th.
Legendary designers Tony Walton and Richard Pilbrow who have won top honors and awards for their work nationally and internationally will be at SETC to talk with emerging artists and critique designs for both Graduate Students and Undergraduate Students. Each Designer will also receive the 2012 Distinguished Career Award, SETC’s Highest Honor and present Saturday’s 2:30 Keynote Presentation together. This is the year to attend!

Scenic, Lighting, and Costume Design Competitions
These competitions feature two divisions, undergraduate and graduate, for a total of six design competitions. You may only enter one design in each area of design in your division. You may however, enter one design in each of the three categories (Scenic, Lighting, Costume). There are six awards for each of these competitions.
Cash Awards: 1st Prize, $125; 2nd Prize, $75; 3rd Prize, $50
Scenic – Sculptural Arts Coating, Inc.
Lighting – ETC, Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.
Costume – Sponsored in Honor of Irene Smart Rains

Ready for Work
Graduate Designers win chance to work professionally!
Up to three designers participating in the Graduate Design Competition will have the opportunity to experience work in the field. This year’s winners will be chosen to design during the 2012-12 season either at Children’s Theatre of Charlotte in NC or Warehouse Theatre in Greenville, SC. There are no special application forms or fees. Designers are chosen from the entrants to the grad competition. Details will be announced by January 28th!

Properties Design and Construction
NEW THIS YEAR – Sponsored by Friends of Props
This competition includes both undergraduate and graduate students and shall include both hand and set props. For this competition a prop shall be defined as “a non-costume item used by an actor (hand prop) or a set dressing including furniture and decorative elements of the set even if not handled by an actor.” A maximum of three items per student may be entered and can be from an actual production of a project that is unrelated to a specific production. There are three awards in this category.
Cash Awards: 1st Prize, $125; 2nd Prize, $75; 3rd Prize, $50

Sound Design
NEW THIS YEAR – Sponsored by Shure, Inc.
Undergraduate and graduate sound designers showcase their sound designs during the annual Design Competition. Qualifying entrants will be critiqued by Michael Smith, professional sound designer and theatre consultant on Saturday morning, March 10th. Prizes will be awarded based on all designs entered for both the undergraduate and graduate levels of the Sound Design Competition. The awards will be given based on criteria established by the Design and Technology committee and published in the competition guidelines. SETC will present each of the winners with a Certificate of Achievement.
1st Place: Beta 181C Microphone 2nd Place: SRH940 Headphones 3rd Place: SRH440 Headphones

Costume Crafts Design
NEW THIS YEAR – Sponsored by My Own Fringemaker
Competition includes both undergraduate and graduate students who design costume crafts. You may enter two areas, or you may have several pieces judged together; i.e. 3 hats. There are three awards in this category.
Cash Awards: 1st Prize, $125; 2nd Prize, $75; 3rd Prize, $50

Design and Technical Programming starts Wednesday at 4PM and continues through 3PM Saturday. In addition to over 50 workshops and a hands-on light lab, there are a number of special events.

Questions? Contact Claire Wisniewski at SETC Central Office: Claire@setc.org or336-272-3645