NEWS: Festival Preparation Announcements


It looks like we will have more exciting guest artists at this year’s festival! I’ll send out an email as the list gets firmed up. Here are a few of festival preparation announcements (sorry for the length of the email):

National Playwriting Program:

Deadline for Faculty and Guest Artists to submit Workshop Proposals:

Stage Management:



  • The deadline for students to submit materials in order to participate in dramaturgy at the festival is January 6, 2012. For more specific information about what one should prepare, please go to

Participating Entry Information:

  • If your department registered productions as a participating entry and these productions were performed between January 1—December 2, 2011, the shows are eligible to be considered for invitation to the regional festival. Here’s what you need to do if your production received at least one recommendation from a respondent:
    • To assist the team in consideration of your production, we invite you to send video excerpts from the production along with any other supporting materials you feel will help the committee capture the spirit of the production in performance. While no support materials are REQUIRED, they are recommended and welcomed. Materials will NOT be returned.

All materials MUST BE RECEIVED no later than December 5, 2011, to be considered. No materials are accepted via email. Materials should be mailed to:

Shelly Elman
University of West Georgia
Theatre Program, Martha Munro Building
1601 Maple St.
Carrollton, GA 30118

*** If sending via FedEx or other delivery service, please make sure that you allow for delivery with NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED.

A word of advice about videos — past experience shows that in most cases “packaged” videos with “flashy” editing, cross fades and an added musical score is generally less than helpful. Videos that feature a close representation of the staged production, including full shots of the performers and aesthetic environments, are usually most helpful. We would especially like to see the opening scene in the show as well as the closing scene in the show.

Thank you!

Shelly Elman
Professor of Theatre
Chair, Region IV, Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival
University of West Georgia
Martha Munro Building, Room 207C
Carrollton, GA 30118
678.839.4704 (Office)
678.839.4708 (Fax)