KCACTF Region 4 Announcements, Deadlines, etc.

Hello, Region 4!

Now that the semester has gotten started, I wanted to remind you of some upcoming deadlines and others coming up in the future. We are underway in planning for Festival 44 in Daytona Beach and I know that you might need to start planning early. Here are the announcements:

  • The application deadline for Regional Officers and Coordinators is September 15, 2011.
    • Regional Offices include (all are 3 year terms and all rotate into the chair positions after the 3 year term):
      • Regional Vice Chair
      • DTM Regional Vice Chair
      • NPP Regional Vice Chair
    • Coordinators include (term is to be determined by the people taking these positions and the Regional Executive Committee)
      • Irene Ryan Regional Auditions Coordinator
      • Music Theatre Regional Auditions Coordinator (a new position for a new event)
      • Devised Theatre Coordinator (another new position for a new event)
    • Information about the application materials can be found on our website (http://kcactf4.org).
    • Please send all application materials electronically to Shelly Elman at relman@westga.edu
  • Early bird production registration is now happening! Please remember to register your productions at least 3 weeks in advance to give our hard working Respondent/Circuit Coordinators time to find respondents. Early bird registration means you get a $50 discount on the regular rates, so register now!
  • Please remember that because of budget cuts to the National Office for this festival year, productions that are invited to the regional festivals won’t be invited to the National one. There will be awards given out, however, and a more detailed letter about those awards is forthcoming. All other individual student awards (DTM, Ryans, etc.) will occur as usual. Please reference the July 29 email I sent out for the explanation of all of this.
  • We are starting to post information for students about the festival events. Please have your students check out that information on the website. Go to http://kcactf4.org and then click on Students. You will see a drop down menu of all student events. Just click on the one you wish to look into.

I will most probably send out another email next week about festival announcements.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Shelly Elman
Professor of Theatre
Chair, Region IV, Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival
University of West Georgia
Martha Munro Building, Room 207C
Carrollton, GA 30117
678.839.4704 (Office)
678.839.4708 (Fax)