The Response Blog is here!

Register for the response blog now! Go to your right to “Adding your posts to the KCACTF4 blogs” to get directions on how to register!

The region wants to create an environment in which respondents and those receiving responses can communicate about their experiences. We want this to be a healthy forum in which people can ask for advice, can share experiences and just plain communicate about what we do when we respond.

Please know that this is a forum that we want to use to communicate and improve our processes. We don’t want this to become a place to vent about a “bad” respondent, or a “bad” host. Those kinds of comments are better suited for private emails to me (or the next chair of the region) or the areas on the submission forms for responses.

I hope you’ll tell your colleagues to sign up for this blog and that this forum will further your enjoyment of KCACTF Region IV!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Shelly Elman at or 678.839.4704. Thank you for all you do for Region IV!